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  • Developer: Duck Duck Go, Inc.
  • Genre: 🌐 Web browser
  • Version: 5.103.0
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Release Date
Sep 25, 2008
Duck Duck Go, Inc.
Duck Duck Go, Inc.
🌐 Web browser
Windows PC


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Carter Nelson


Duckduckgo is a search engine that does not track its users. It offers a simple, clean interface with wide variety of options. Duckduckgo unblocked is also usable on mobile devices and offers a number of features not found on other engines.

It has a simple, minimalist interface that is easy to use. The app has a wide range of functionality, and users can easily find what they are looking for. Duckduckgo install also has excellent support, and users can get help quickly if they need it.


Its interface is simple and uncluttered. There is a bar at the top and a list of suggested sites below. You can also type in a specific website address to go directly to it. Users can filter results by (web, images, videos, etc.), date, language. There is also a "zero-click info" box that displays information about a website without the user having to click on it. The app is easy to navigate, and users can quickly find what they are need.


This is very easy to use. The bar is at the top of the page, and the results are displayed in a column on the right. Everyone can filter results by type, date, language. You just type in what you’re looking for and hit enter. The results are displayed in a list on the right-hand side of the page. You can also click on the tabs at the top to view specific types of results (e.g. images, videos, etc.).


It offers many variety of options. Users can search for websites, images, videos, news, etc. Duckduckgo app also offers many features not found on others. Duckduckgo download offers the same functionality as other major search engines. You can search for specific websites, images, videos, etc. and view the results in list on right-hand side of page.


It offers a number of support options. Users can help on the Duckduckgo website, or they can email to this team. Duckduckgo app download also has a number of social media accounts where users can ask for help.
It offers support through their website. You can find answers to common questions, contact them for help, and learn more about this.


  • What is the difference between Duckduckgo and other search engines?
    We do not collect or share personal information.
  • How are the results ranked?
    We rank the results based on many factors, but primarily on relevance and how often the result is specifically referenced on the internet.
  • How does install Duckduckgo make money?
    We do not make money from your searches, but we make money from affiliate programs.
  • Can I set it as my default search engine?
    Yes, you can set Duckduckgo Free as your default search engine on your browser or on your mobile operating system.
  • Why are some results missing?
    We sometimes exclude results that are not from a web page (images, videos, etc.).
  • Is Duckduckgo available for my mobile device?
    Yes! Download Duckduckgo is available and optimized for iPhone, Android, and even Blackberry mobile devices.


Overall, Duckduckgo is a great alternative to other major search engines. It is very easy to use and offers a wide variety of search options. Duckduckgo also offers number of features not found other engines. The only downside is that there is not as much support as other search engines.


  • Offers both Duckduckgo Free download and paid version of the app, which is great for those who want to use it for a specific purpose
  • It really protects your privacy.
  • It’s very fast and user-friendly.
  • Easy to switch between languages


  • It’s not as fast as Google.
  • You can search Startpage just like you’re searching Google.
Relevance of search results
Security & Protection

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